About Us

About Us

Cosmo interiors is an interior design firm incepted in the year 2004 having a solid 14 years of hands on experience in every aspect of this field .Cosmo interiors is process driven team of architects and interior designer based in UAE. We deal each project with small interdisciplinary team involving the client as a design partner.

We at Cosmo work with a heart that indulges with passion in each project we take on and we have a very strong set of helping hands that makes this passionate projects happen.

Interior designs are meant to leave on, they carry the richness, the trends and the culture of the times. We at Cosmo interiors stick on those rich ethics and tradition presented with a touch of patterns and cultures of modern period.


Cosmo Interiors has left its mark on numerous prestigious projects across the UAE, with our executive staff and technical experts overseeing a wide spectrum of endeavors, including multi-story buildings, hotels, and hospitals. Our extensive experience across diverse projects of varying magnitudes equips us to tackle any challenge.

Our area of specialization encompass:

  • Interiors
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Fire Fighting

Cosmo Interiors operates as a professionally managed firm, supported by a team of highly qualified engineers, skilled technicians, and experienced personnel, ensuring the successful execution of every project.