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Partition Works

We undertake all types of Gypsum and Glass partition and Cement Block works. We are strengthened by a group of professional employees who are experts in styling and finishing. Our works alone speak on behalf of us, we work hard to meet the expectations of our customers and have never left any of our customers unsatisfied. Gypsum boards are considered among the most economic and ideal way for wall partitioning. Easy to install, saves time and money. Gypsum boards can be used as a backing for wall treatments such as wall paper, fabric, wood panelling or it can be simply painted. Glass partitions not only allows light into your spaces but adds comfort and safety features. Privacy can be maintained by using blinds, frosting stickers etc. We carryout different types of glass partitions such as tempered glass laminated glass, insulated glass, painted glass & sandblasted glass. Our team of professionals, workmen are highly competent in their tasks and provide excellent after sales services. We have expertise and commitment to quality & timely execution of job. Our aim is uncompromising quality & services.

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